Body, Mind & Spirit - Ayurveda "science of self healing"

We are based in Rotterdam. Our major Production is In tropical island Sri Lanka (family business). Founded as community service-centered-enterprise to educate people in the island about the importance of Ayurveda and the promotion of indigenous and Ayurvedic practices, Now recognized by the whole world for the well being of body, mind and soul. The ancestral business is developed now by 3rd generation.

In addition to our production, We source some items directly from our local partners around the world who are dedicated to produce the highest quality Healing products for over 100 years. Promoting & supporting Community Trade, enhance their productivity and ensure the small producers a better deal (Farmers and co-workers in producing countries).

Our essential oils are produced by experienced Ayurveda producers and mainly offered in local Ayurveda shops. However, we do also export and very happy to serve some regular international business clients. We are also happy to offer these authentic products to Etsy community. It is a pleasure to be engaged with people around the world. Feel free to be in touch with us.

We appreciate your patronage and interest.

May you be blessed with Health, Beauty & Peace !

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